Meet the new guys!

Formidlingsleder Ingrid Skovgaard og museumstekniker Øystein Oldervoll

It is with great joy we can present two new additions to the museum staff. Øystein Oldervoll and Ingrid Skovgaard will be two great contributors to our team, bringing with them valuable skills and experience.

Ingrid Skovgaard, 48, is our new Head of Public Outreach. She hails from Bærum outside Oslo, Norway, but has lived abroad for years, mainly in Copenhagen. She is a specialist in art outreach, a visual arts artist and cultural projects manager, in addition to a background in stage art. She has a Masters of Arts from Barcelona University and Chelsea College of Art in London, and also a European Diploma in cultural management.

Ingrid Skovgaard
Vår nye formidlingsansvarlige: Ingrid Skovgaard. Foto: Annett Ahrends

Ingrid's main responsibility will be where the public meets the museum, in exhibitions, guided tours, school projects and many more. She says she has a «passion for presenting the relevancy and importance of art, how it moves you with it's multifaceted, powerful and poetic expressions and methods. Active, present, engaging and including.»

Ingrid is looking forward to being part of the continuous development of our public outreach programmes as an important Arctic organisation; locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

– I'm impressed by Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum's progressive and ambitious work, and their courage to expand the museum's identity and role beyond the most common practices.

Ingrid will arrive in Tromsø in January 2019.

Øystein Oldervoll, 43, is the new (and first) Museum Technician. He is from Kåfjord in Northern Norway but has lived in Tromsø since 1993. He's a low voltage electrician, coming to us from Siemens where he had worked for years with fire and security systems. Øystein is also an experienced staff member and board member of the Sámi music and cultural festival Riddu Riddu.

Øystein Oldervoll, Museum Technician
Our new Museum Technician: Øystein Oldervoll

Øystein will be responsible for the daily operation, security and HSE in our building, in addition to facilitation and logistics for our exhibitions.

- I've felt the need to use my creativity and knowledge on something new and difrent. I canæt wait to be part of the unique staff at the museum. I know this will be both interesting and challenging, he says.

Øystein will join us in March 2019.

We have also been looking for a curator, but this process has not been successful.

Tuesday 04. December 2018

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