The opening speech by the director


Dear everybody, colleagues, friends, audience, artists, critiques, dear fellow human beings

Dear citizens of the world.


"Every second lasts for 3 seconds. One for what has been, one of what is coming and one of just now. " Welcome to this great historical event, a celebration of just now. "There's no other time in history then right now," and I quote Patti Smith on this. "Right now" is special in so many ways. Today we celebrate all this, that is; art and life. It is with great pleasure that I can wish you all a warm welcome to the opening of Sámi Dáiddamusea.

We have the power within us to gather instead of separating, we have opportunities to work together towards great goals instead of fighting separately. For we can create interesting and important discussions instead of making war.

Language, languages ... dialects. Sami, Kven, Norwegian, English ...

Different languages have different characteristics and cultural understandings, while it is always possible misunderstand each other.

We need not to agree or understand everything the same way, for who owns the truth? We may indeed wonder much more.

Art can and should be such a room.

Language is important, and in the arts there are many languages, many ways of talking. Here there are many other things that are also important; universal elements, visuals, sounds, tactile, smells, feelings, wondering, remembrance, recognition or other things.

Art is language everyone can be a part of.

We finally have an art museum dedicated to Sami related art and art history.

Related, relationally, relations ....

Everything is relation ...

Relations to things, places, people, nature .. to what is.

We are from this planet, this sphere that spins around.

We are from the same, although the roads are different.

It may be important to look around, to open up, to sometimes take an overview, to try to see the big picture.

Possibly to see the life threads we are put together of and the web of life we together are.

Everything dies without movement. Culture dies if it is not moving. Art dies if it is not moving. Movement is life.

Sami Dáiddamusea should be a place where we can collect and gather, a place to share. A place for children and adults, young and old. A pioneering institution, a culture carrier, and a venue for cultural exchange, knowledge, research, experimentation and development. Sami Dáiddamusea should be a place where people can meet people, different expressions. It is also a place where we can meet ourselves and our own thoughts, a place to experience movement in various ways, a place we can let our own minds be moved or be in motion. Sami Dáiddamusea should give room to all thoughts.

New experiences create new spaces in us; to relax, to reflect and philosophize, to remember, to new awareness of ourselves and the world we live in.

I think we really need this kind of room, open spaces.

During the meeting with you who is present and the rest of the world that visit us, Sámi Dáiddamusea will be able to provide many important moments. Our future is now. The future happening as we speak, and we will build for our future. We are so incredibly excited to be in this great venerable house in the heart of Tromso.

The new premises we now find ourselves, houses a collection of over 1,300 works, which is the world's largest collection of Sami art. A selection of this collection is now shown in our first exhibition There Is No, which opened its doors on February 15th. More than 60 artists are represented in this exhibition showing the breadth and diversity of Sami art. Some of the days since the opening the exhibition has been visited by 300+ people. Which is fantastic!

There is no set of rules for sami art

There is no fixed definition of sami art

There is no limitation of sami artists

There is no

Let us celebrate this day.

Sami Art Museum exist here and now.

Congratulations everybody!
I would like to say thank you to all our collaborators.

Thank you so much.

Tuesday 14. March 2017

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