A makeover for the permanent collection

Monday 19. December 2016

The exhibition of works from our permanent collection was designed in 2010, focusing mainly on historical painters like Adelsteen Normann, Francois-Auguste Biard, Gunnar Berg and Peder Balke. It is time for a new look on the collection and its exhibition design. We'll therefore close the permanent exhibition space on the first floor on January 1st 2017, and start thinking, exploring and redesigning.

The curator group's main goal is to create a new and complete experience of the collection, which now includes over 2100 works in a wide spectrum of techniques, art forms and periods. The museum wants to make a bigger part of our shared cultural history available to both residents and visiting internationals. With that in mind, we'll expand the exhibition with one more floor and maybe move a few walls, all to give you an even better experience of art in Northern Norway.

The new exhibition will be a dynamic and pulsating arena for both historical and contemporary art, and evolve constantly. We want it to be a meeting ground for experimentation, reflection and play, for visitors of all ages.

We wish everyone welcome to a new permanent collection in the autumn of 2017.

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