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Onsdag 18. oktober 2017
«Sara II» av Anne-Karin Furunes er ferdig montert, men litt gjenstår enda
«Sara II» av Anne-Karin Furunes er ferdig montert, men litt annet gjenstår

The Collection is coming back to Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum! We took down the presentation of art from our collection in January, to make room for Sámi Dáiddamusea and the exhibition There Is No. Now it's back, bigger than ever.

We have been working hard since closing the museum on October 8th. We have shipped I Craft I Travel Light to Sámi Center for Contemporary Art in Karasjok (opening 10/28). We refused to let busted knees, illness, bad glue or crazy travelling stop us. We have cleaned, organized, painted, removed doors, and first and foremost, designed a fascinating presentation of art from the two last centuries.

Elsie-Ann Hochlins «Bursdagskrone V» foran Per Barclays «Adolf Gun 8» og Else Marie Hagens «Enter/Re-enter No. 2»
Elsie-Ann Hochlins «Bursdagskrone V» foran Else Marie Hagens «Enter/Re-enter No. 2» og Per Barclays «Adolf Gun 8»

The Collection is now presented on the second and third floor. We have added two rooms where we will change exhibitions with regular intervals. One is dedicated to art styles and forms, and the other will be focusing on a single artist. Winner of the 2017 Savio Award, Britta Marakatt-Labba will be the first artist, and the first theme will be Surrealism.

Britta Marakatt Labba er første kunstner ut i kunstnerrommet
Britta Marakatt-Labba er første kunstner ut i kunstnerrommet

We are very happy with the direction we've taken with The Collection, and we want to invite everyone to a grand reopening on October 21st at 2 pm (the event will be in Norwegian).

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